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Tales of Meilamar

Meilamar is a continent on an unknown planet, inhabited by elves, humans and several species of animals. It was historically ruled by only elves, until the human race was created in the year 2986 of the Current Era.

A very long time ago, before our Current Era, the only species capable of thinking were the elves. Moreover, they were given by the Gods the gift of magic. They were a developed civilization, and most were living happily in tribes all around the continent.

But soon came the events of the Ambarmetta. Sævel, the God of magic and spirituality, and one of the three Gods, was playing with his magic to create lifeforms. But as they were not to his taste, he locked them up in another realm than those of the livings or the Gods, the Ennorath realm.

But in -2, a tribe was experimenting with a new sort of magic, Oyalë. It was based on necromancy. They tried reviving one of their soldiers, one of the best the continent has ever seen, Thalion. But this tore through reality and created a passage between Meilamar and Ennorath. So the spirit of a powerful beast previously made by Sævel was infused into the body of the warrior. It transformed into a gigantic beast which went into rampage through the continent.

But in the year 0, Ernil Hawkrey successfully raised an army among the different tribes, and thanks to a godly spear, Huinë, given to him by Sævel, killed the beast named Duriobeth. But a lot of people were killed, and a lot was destroyed.

Duriobeth, while it was roaming the countryside.

Hawkrey went on to found a monarchy which lasted more than 3000 years, and banned the use of magic as it was declared the source of the cataclysm. As in Meilamar magic is hereditary, knowledge and ability to wield it were lost.

But in 2986 of the Current Era, an elf saw Sævel appearing before him. He told to Rennyn Perfir that as elves were losing faith in magic, and so into him, he was starting to disappear. He gave the power of magic to Rennyn and also the power to give it to others. This started the events of the Great Split.

The newly acquired magic started transforming elves into something else. They lost life expectation, and started to look differently. They became named Humans.

A slice of life in the Capital, Novaria.

Soon a Civil War started in the Capital, Novaria, in 3214, after the humans were put into quarantine. Most of them succeeded to flee into the second biggest city, or founded a hidden magical city.

Suddene, the hidden magic city.

At the end, the elves won and established drastic laws on the humans. Some lived into the countryside and were left freely, those in the two biggest cities were more or less reduced to servants. After a few centuries, most of the two races forgot what happened as it was shut to silence by the newly formed government after the war, the Romsterian Empire.

Today is 3562 of the Current Era. The heroine of our game, Diane, is an adopted elf in a remote village of humans. She was living a peaceful life, up until a few unfortunate events happened to her and her friend, Calum

The intro to this game will maybe be released later on this website. Until then, you can go read more about the lore of the events before it on our wiki: https://meilamar.nocchi.me

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

Arthur Kervevan, Julien Chateau, Thibault Nocchi and special thanks to Yann Moullec.