Sossagradulida Adventures Part II

So our mighty adventurers decided to head for to the farm to help the farmers solve their goblins problems.

When we arrived at the farm, there were no farmers anymore. They had probably all finished their work for the day being. Since we had no better plan, we decided to hide to try a surprise attack when the gobelin came. The dwarf found a hole which fitted perfectly his height, while I and SossaMasta were hiding behind a house.
As the night was falling, they guided me to the farm and we hid wherever we could.
I found a hole in the ground and managed to get in, while the two others just ran behind a wall.
It’s calm, really calm, all the farmers have left, we are close to a house and hiding, we will surprise them, Lidda is behind me and Gradule is not very far.

After almost an hour waiting, we finally started to hear light sounds coming from the forest, and a short moment after, we saw a big mass coming out from the dark, with strange noises like “ratata ! ratata !”. Seven gobelins and one orc came from behind the trees. An orc ! Damnit ! Those stupid farmers didn’t tell us anything about an orc !
Holy Sausage, there are 8 of them ! 7 gobelins, they look prettt stupid, but there is an orc. A damned orc !

After some time, we all heard noises and the noise was moving towards us. They walked above my head and were running to the farm. I took the time to make sure there was no gem or anything precious in the surrounding dirt, and decided to get out of my cache. I saw seven gobelins and an orc, running to my mates on the farm. I went after them but couldn’t catch up… Well, dwarves are not sprinters after all.

It seemed they hadn’t seen us for now. They hadn’t even seen the dwarf, who came out of his hole once he was sure he was behind the enemies. The priest, to take advantage of surprise, came out and cast a strong spell right on the orc ! Well, at least, he tried to. The spell remarkably missed, and the orc was shouting something like “kill him” while pointing at the priest. It hadn’t started very very well, that was the least we could say. Our better hope was the dwarf, running towards enemies. Meanwhile, I decided to stay hidden just a little bit longer.
The dwarf is a bit drunk so I think I will pull them, Adathie give me strength !
“Coup de fourchette” is my most powerful spell, I should focus the orc.
“FOR ADATHIE ! COUP DE FOURCHETTE” – I missed… it went right near his ear… Good point is that I got their attention… But the 8 of them are looking at me… and… what… is behind them? Oh it’s the dwarf…

I didn’t stay hidden for a long time and was quickly forced back into the battle. The priest was doing pretty well hitting and dodging, while I missed my attack and was hit. I was not badly hurt, but still, it really didn’t start well for me. Hopefully I managed to block another attack. I think I should be more careful in the battles. In the background, I can see the orc trying to hit the dwarf, ending up hitting himself. I’m a not very good, but he was even worse ! It appeared that the gobelins were not very good either.
Once they started fighting with Lidda, I sneaked behind the orc for a backstab but failed. He noticed me and tried to hit me but managed to hit his leg instead. Everything was going well according to my plan… Gobs were beating up the halfling, while SossaMasta was dodging the assault.
There are a lot of them but me and Lidda are fighting pretty tough, we are of course inevitably getting hit and beaten but I managed to smash some with my staff, the dwarf is taking on the orc.

They can’t hit me, and one of them even cut his own leg, falling dead.
I think I just saw a gobelin cutting his own leg. It’s frustrating, I recognized him as the one I had smashed earlier !
One of them stabbed his leg instead of the priest, and ended up dying. Are they all retarded ? Well they are greenskins anyway…

The fight is tough ! *splitting a gobelin in half* Oh it’s mushy.
Unfortunately, it distracted me for a sec, and I took another hit. Damn, I really should have paid more attention ! If the situation got worse, I might have some serious wounds. Meanwhile, it looked like the priest killed a gobelin too, as for the dwarf… Did the orc really hurt himself again ?!
I just stopped trying, and waited for them to commit suicide. And it actually happened. The orc fell after hitting himself for the second time, and I saw SossaMasta slicing two gobs in half… With a staff ? Nevermind.

After that, all I could remember was my vision fading and me falling and fainting. I suppose they hit me another time and I fell unconscious.
Nooo Lidda just fainted ! “ AADAAATHIIIIE ! You evil creatures, you will pay for this !” *smashing the skull of another gobelin*

The last gobs ran away, probably afraid at the sight of my beard, or the fact that I killed what seemed to be their captain. Result of the battle: I killed an orc. The priest is so proud because he killed two gobs (not so bad for a priest, I guess), and… the halfling is half dead, lying on the ground. Damn.
The other gobelin already went elsewhere, Okay we are safe, the orc is dead. We have to bring Lidda to the doctor.
I think these gobelins and this orc where worshipping some god of suicide or self-mutilation, I’ve seen one gobelin cut himself to death and the orc did too.

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