Sossagradulida Adventures Part I

Here begins the journey of our newly formed adventurers : this story is the story of a Halfing, a Dwarf and a Human, obviously trying to be famous and really rich. But, even the mightiest adventurers need to begin somewhere in a literally dirty place like a little farming village. We are in Terre de Fangh, 10 km away in the South from the huge Forest of Schlipak.

  I’m Lidda, a small rogue halfling. I belong to the SossaGraduLidda Company, a small group of adventurers, with Gradule the warrior dwarf and SossoMasta the human, priest of the Holy Sausage and Justice.
This adventure takes place in a small village, so small we didn’t pay attention to the name. We arrived quite early in the afternoon and immediately went to the tavern, like every company does, looking for a quest to have epic battles and gold. Well, we wanted the gold more than the battle, I must admit.

Every adventure starts in a tavern. This one is no exception. We were in a small village of farmers, waiting for gold to fall from the sky or whatever.
I don’t know why I’m in this tavern, and I don’t know why I’m travelling with a dwarf, Dragule, and a halfling, Lidda… After all, it’s not that bad… but hey ! Why are we called the SossaGraduLidda Company? It is lame ! Argh, I still have to find the Mighty Sausage Fork, oh Adathie I am sorry I still haven’t found it. But I will ! I promise!

  There were not many people inside the building, and the impression of emptiness was increase by the huge size of the room. Without hesitation, we addressed to the bartender and asked if there were any problem we could take care of. He couldn’t give us any informations, but said the farmers might have something for us. We ordered some drinks and went to the villagers’ table. Well, me and the priest went to the table, while the dwarf was staying drinking beer at the opposite at the tavern. Hope we still have some money left after that…
The tavern was quite empty, but I was having a good time getting drunk and spending my last gold coins in some tankards of the local beer. I was part of the SossaGraduLidda Company, with a sausage-fanatic called SossaMasta, and a half(weak)ling called Lidda. It seemed like they found something to do but…
The dwarf is drinking, he will lose some gold I think… Again. I hate it when he lose gold like this, but if there was a sausage I wouldn’t resist to buy it. Okay, at the moment we need a job, let’s ask the bartender !
The bartender told us to go to the farm, they are being raided by gobelins, at the East of the town. Fucking dwarf ! He is too drunk to come with us, well it’s better for us if he doesn’t come drunk.

  We spend some time speaking with the farmers and they told us they had a gobelin problem. Every week, a group of those ugly / stupid / stinky creatures were raiding the farm and stealing crops. A group of gobelin was a perfect occasion to have some fight and rewards for a company like ours. They also said they camp was in the eastern forest, and that the next raid would be this night or tomorrow. It was a pretty good timing. We thanked the villagers and decided to go see the farms, letting the dwarf spending our last gold drinking.
Too drunk to go, I stayed at the tavern. They tried to grab me out, but you can’t force a dwarf to leave a tavern. You just can’t. What I remember is that a boy tried to scam me, selling me a shitty weapon. I may be drunk, but I’m no fool, and somehow managed to sell him his own weapon for 10 golds.
More beer for me, yay !

  On the way, I started to think about setting a trap. The priest wasn’t very enthousiast about it but I was sure it could work. We finally made it to the farms and started to have a look to the situation. There was a small empty area between the forest and the farm, it could be perfect to dig a great hole there ! Since it was too difficult for only two people, I called all the villagers to help. With my great charisma, I managed to make all of them listen to me. But no one took care of it. I didn’t know if it was because they had already tried or if my idea was just bad but I didn’t have the results I was excepting.
Lidda wanted the farmers to dig some trench, they ignored her. *HAHA* too bad, it could have been a great start for a trap.

  A little bit disappointed, I started to search for a new idea to make tonight’s fight a little bit easier. And so I tried to climb up on a building, but this time, the farmers were trying to make me fall ! They said it was dangerous for me to go up. They are the one who are dangerous for me ! I had no risk of falling without them ! Since it didn’t offered me a good point of view anyway, I accepted to go down, grumbling about how stupid they were. If they wasn’t a reward, I’m not sure I would have continued to help them…
Lidda wanted to climb to a grain silo, I don’t know why, maybe it’s to get a better view of the future battlefield. At the same time, farmers were putting down the damn silo, so yeah, *facepalm*
I don’t remember who asked the farmers, but we are now in charge of protecting the crops tonight, the monsters will surely come when the night is dark and full of terror.
Shit, we have to pick up Gradule, I forgot him…

  We had nothing else to do until nighttime and decided to go back to the tavern and try to take the dwarf -even drunk, he would be more useful than those farmers ! And, yes, he was drunk, and maybe thanks to that, he agreed to stop drinking and came with us. His purse seemed bigger than it should be, did he managed to earn money while we were not here ? Anyway, we could see the orange light of sunset by the window, it was time for the SossaGraduLidda to go !
A little later, my companions came back to me, and as they really needed me on this one, I decided to give them a piece of my attention. Some farmers were having trouble, involving orcs and gobs, of course I was in !
He is still drinking…Maybe I can convince him to come…
“Come on Gradule, time to kill some gobelins” I told to him.
I don’t know how but he stood up and came with us ! He must like to genocide some gobelins Let’s go to the farm, it’s getting darker.

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