Kitchen – Band Overview

Kitchen is a Canadian band started in 2012, often recording all instruments live. Its music is generally ambient tinted with a melancholic vibe, giving an impression of a landscape going through its usual, daily routine. However, the chords used typically sound alien, eery, as if the landscape was from another planet altogether. The pattern tends to be a series of slowly rising tensions, followed by climaxes, then back to peace – cycling back to rising tension. This creates a relatively light, but interesting, flow of music.

I love lamp is a very calm, soothing piece, typical of Kitchen. The repetiveness of the main chords serves to give a swaying feeling to the music, and stays interesting due to minor variations put upon it. The adding of the melancholic, almost whimpering guitar gives a feeling of a person reflecting on a hopeless situation. This feeling is kept even during and after the climax of the piece, underlying a feeling of rage and then resignation.

T.V. Eyes is a much more fast paced, atypical track. It starts off with a rapid set of guitar chords that are quickly joined by cymbals, then another guitar, with a much more alien theme. This surreal theme then gives way to a much more rock-ish one, that goes through several cycles of rise and fall, before climaxing into a set of simple piano notes, giving a calm but eerie feeling. This is then followed by cycles of tense, yet almost silent, music and bouts of much stronger music, giving the impression of running from some alien being. This rises in another strong rock set, rich with variations, which ends the song.

There are many more interesting tracks on their website, which I highly recommend.

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